Infection Control and EVS/Custodial Products

Infection Control- Skin

Hand Sanitizer, Hand Soaps and Body Hygiene that removes risk and limits cross contamination exposure:

safeHands- Alcohol free hand sanitizer that is non-flammable, non-toxic and without alcohol problems of drying and cracking skin. Addresses CDC ingestion alerts on alcohol hand sanitizer.

CleanLife- No Rinse Bath and Hair products. Bath Wash, Bath Wipes, Shampoo/Conditioner and Peri Bath and Shampoo Caps which are cost effective, save Staff time and adds consistency to procedure.

Marly Skin Guard- Protective skin barrier for 4 hours that prevents skin irritation due to surgical cement, irritants, allergens, excretion, secretion and blood.

Infection Control -Surfaces

Surface and Mobile Device disinfection, cleaning, pathogen surface testing and sprayers: 

Agent Plus- Multi-Surface and Hard Surface cleaner and protectant that inhibits growth of odors by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungus. Silver/Copper nano-particle spray

VitalOxide- Hospital grade disinfectant for porous and non-porous surfaces. Provides broad spectrum gram positive and gram negative santizing.

BruTabs 6S- Effervescent Disinfectant & Sanitizer Tabs-Strong and Surface Friendly

ReadyDock- chemical free mobile device disinfection that includes IIPhones, IPads and Tablets

Hygiena- ProClean and SystemSure Plus cleanliness verification swabs and analyzer

Victory- Backpack and Hand-Held electrostatic sprayers.

Infection Control, EVS and Janitorial


Surface Disinfectant, Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, Soaps, Floor Cleaner, Floor Coating and Grout Cleaner.

AGent+- Multi-surface and Hard surface cleaner and protectant. Silver/Copper ion release ready to use spray.

Vital Oxide- Multi-surface hospital grade disinfectant spray for porous, non-porous and soft surfaces- includes plastic, vinyl, leather and carpet.

safeHands- Alcohol free hand sanitizer that is non-flammable and non-toxic, but kills pathogens.

Botanical Defense- Kills Bed Bugs and Dust Mites that is non-toxic and Ready to Use.

Victory Sprayers- electrostatic Backpack and Hand Held sprayers.

BruTabs 6S- effervescent tabs for hard surface spraying.  Surface and Staff compatibility better than bleach.

Medama Floor Care

Medama Super Shield- Cleans, Burnishes and Restores floors. Cleans embedded  dirt. Lowers waxing and stripping cost.

Medama Iron Coat Floor Finish-Addresses scuffing, application time, training and Dust Control issues.

Medama Super Shield-  Tile and Grout Cleaner- eco-friendly